High thermal strenght 2U rugged server

APLUS 2U High Performance server, 5th generation. Introducing his thermal strength.

Many rugged servers on the market claim to have a wide operating range, especially at high temperatures.

How many follow what they claim, when subjected to a heavy load?

To stand out from the competition, the APLUS high performance rugged server has not only been certified by an independent lab as operating from -10°C up to +50°C. It also has been tested featuring 2 Xeon SP Platinium processors and several GPU cards, pushed to 100% of their performances.

Dual Xeon SP Platinium + GPU cards

Tested at +50°C with 500W load

Designed and manufactured in France, APLUS 2U rugged rack server, has been certified to operate in harsh environments, especially in extreme temperature.

Thanks to its high heat dissipation, large honeycomb openings and silent-block mounted fans, the S2U5 guarantees the best ventilation for the best performances.

Furthermore, the S2U5 perfectly meets industrial and military requirements concerning shocks & vibration. Produces a minimum noise and is consistent with EMC military and European civil standards.

Whether you choose the S2U5 in Industrial grade, in Rugged grade or in Militarized grade, the S2U5 high performance server will bring you the greatest thermal performance every time.