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The PCE335 Intelligent Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter provides four high-performance synchronous serial ports for connectivity. The adapter is ideally suited for use within radar servers, high-speed modems, and other high-speed communications devices. The PCE335 is part of Sunhillo’s industry-leading Protocol Software and connectivity solutions.

Hardware Features:

The PCE335 is designed as a fully programmable communications subsystem capable of sustaining high data rates for a variety of protocols used in synchronous data communications. The PCE335 architecture capitalizes on the intelligence of the Freescale™ MPC8270 Quad Integrated Communications Controller (PowerQUICC® II), enabling it to act as a specialized communications controller. The PCE335 adapter enhances overall system performance by using its on-board intelligence and 128 MB of SDRAM array to handle much of the low-level communications that typically burden the host system, and relegates most of the serial I/O communication-related processing to the PCE335. In addition, the SDRAM eliminates start-up delays associated with application download wait times by enabling the code to be executed directly on-board.
Protocol Solution Software Support:
With a well-defined application programming interface (API), Sunhillo’s integrated protocol suite reduces time-to-market by eliminating unnecessary development time at the hardware/protocol level. The protocols for Sunhillo’s products enable development engineers to proceed directly to integration and application development efforts. A comprehensive suite of communications protocols provides complete connectivity solutions for Radar, TADIL-B, HDLC and X.25. Operating system support includes Linux®, Windows®, and Solaris™.

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Voir la gamme de produits :




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