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The MPS WAN Software suite of protocols provides all the critical pieces required for timely application development. The suite provides a wide range of WAN protocols and radar formats that are supported on Sunhillo’s line of high-performance blades, servers, and data acquisition and distribution systems. This powerful combination of software and hardware allows System Integrators to create flexible and efficient sensor/radar data distribution and acquisition solutions. Software products are offered as a suite allowing the developer to choose the package or combination of packages that they require for their particular application. Developers will be provided with a well-documented and powerful API to assist them in their solution development process.
Consistent API:
All software includes a simple, easy-to-use API, which runs on all of Sunhillo’s servers and blades. The API provides a standard interface to the protocol stacks and radar formats. This makes application programs easily portable among Sunhillo’s broad range of products. Additionally Sunhillo offers the Mcast layer which works in conjunction with Sunhillo’s field proven WAN protocol stacks that reliably transport device and sensor data at thousands of installations world-wide. Mcast enables users to establish, configure and control their data networks in a very powerful fashion by simultaneously issuing commands to sites from multiple sources as well as transporting data payload to/from a protocol link connection and an IP connection, greatly reducing workload and minimizing configuration errors. The Mcast layer can be fully integrated into the MPS Server, providing a fully automated solution. Once configured the Mcast layer allows the MPS Server to automatically transport and distribute the data payload from protocol ports to IP over the LAN for use in customer applications with no interaction required from the application.

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